Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Brielle is always surprising me w/ funny comments or strangly pronounced words.

The other day she said, "Stop that or I'm going to loss my temperature!" (She meant temper :)

One Sunday at church she commented about the sacrament, "The bread 'reprehents' Jesus' body and the water 'reprhenses' His blood."


  1. Tonight, after having family prayer and reading a couple verses about the Gadianton robbers in the Book of Mormon, Brielle shared some sweet insights. She said, "What did the robbers do? Be mean to people/not share?" (I said they stole and killed people) "Wow, Jesus would tell them to be nice, huh. We shouldn't hit or fight or be mean to our sisters or mommies, or else we can't be with Jesus..." something like that. I just love how she's starting to grasp and internalize and apply gospel principles. I love Jesus and am grateful for his teachings. :)

  2. Cute. I love all the fun things they say. Their little minds are so interesting.

  3. New Brielle-isms:
    "Look, I have a baby in my tummy!" (Pretending to be pregnant)
    "Dad, you're a excellent cooker." (after Jared made Sunday dinner?)
    "Here's your present in my hand (open her fingers) It's a TICKLE!" It's so cute!